Roadmap Overview


Our goal at Disciple Base is to continue to deliver functionality that helps you in the disciple making process. Below are a few of the features that we have planned to help you and the organizations you work for to make wise decisions and continue to build the Kingdom of Christ. Let us know what features would be helpful to you!


Individual web-based dashboards/reporting tools

We realize that many organizations don't have a simple way for individuals to track and record information about their disciple making activities and we want to improve that. Individuals donor and grants contribute large sums of money and we think it's wise and beneficial to report back the fruit of your labor. Disciple making is not a numbers game, so we'll let you tell the stories, whether that be one disciple or fifteen disciples. 

web-based organizational dashboard

Similar to the previous feature, we want to provide a tool that missions organizations (or churches, etc.) can use to have a 30,000 foot view of their disciple making activities as a whole. We imagine this can be beneficial in many ways. For example, perhaps the metrics help you realize you are making amazing headwinds in the Northeast. In analyzing the metrics maybe you'll realize this is due to an amazing trainer in the Northeast. Metrics often carry a negative connotation, so we like to view them more as 'insights.' 


In-App Group messaging

Sure you can send a text message or an email, but then you have to look in numerous places for all the communication you've had with your group. We hope to change that. We would like to bring group messaging into the app to make this easier. The added benefit of getting them in the app is that it will help them catch the vision of 2 Timothy 2:2 as well. 

Discipleship process tracking

Imagine having a way to quickly view what phase of the disciple-making process all of your disciples are in - by the way, this is completely customizable. You may want to set a minimum set up discipleship steps on an organizational level OR allow those in your organization to have completely custom steps. We believe that a high level overview will allow you to reflect on previous discipleship patterns and plan ahead with new disciples. 

Feature Requests

Interesting thing is I actually have a Google Doc that I use as a log to record the things I’ve done with folks I’m helping! This would meet that need!
— Ken