For Organizations

Typically, missions organizations, churches, etc. don't have access to real-time data. Disciple Base provide a way for organizations to view data for their own missionaries, as well as to benchmark across all users. Numbers can mean a lot of things and can be interpreted many different ways. Our goal is simply to provide your organization with data that has been difficult to receive in the past. 

Data that will be viewable in real-time and/or via API's:

  • Number of disciples 
  • Ethnicity of disciples
  • Locations that are growing the most disciples
  • And so much more! 

Real-time access to this data is contingent on your disciples utilizing the app. Access to this data will give your organization a real-time glimpse into your disciple making efforts. From there, the uses of the data are endless. 


If your organization is interested in using the web-based interface for viewing data, fill out the form below. If there are additional data points you would like to capture through the app we can discuss customizing the fields for your organization.

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